Movement + Location

I worked on this film in February of 2013 and I'm very excited to see it progress!

You can visit the Movement + Location website for more information along with production photos and a trailer.

The writer/producer/editor/star is Bodine Boling, and the Director/DP/Producer is Alexis Boling.
I had a great time getting them set up and was only sorry that previous commitments meant that I was unable to stay for the entire shoot.

The description from the film's website reads:
Movement + Location is a casual science fiction thriller set in modern day Brooklyn. Kim Getty is an immigrant from 400 years in the future, sent back in time to live out an easier life. It’s a one-way trip of difficult isolation, but in the three years since she landed, Kim has built a life that feels almost satisfying. She has a full time job, shares an apartment with a roommate, and is falling in love. But when she stumbles on a teenage girl who is also from the future, Kim’s remade sense of self is tested. After the girl leads Kim to her long-lost husband, now 20 years older than her and maladjusted to this time, Kim’s carefully designed identity begins to unravel. Kim finds herself having to choose between two entirely different lives. But once her secrets are exposed, the real decision is what she’s willing to do to survive.