An urban fantasy, filming in and around Portland.

We filmed one of the opening scenes in October.
I hope to continue with the project when full production begins later this year.
You can visit the Angel Punk website for more info about the project and the associated comic book

A behind the scenes video of the October shoot

Two costumes were completely built for this shoot, with two more partial builds and five rented and altered looks, with about a week and a half to pull the whole thing together. 

     Costumes, (me, my assistant for the shoot and a production assistant), spent the whole day and well into the night on location prepping and shooting in the cave, which was completely soaked since it had been raining for the past twenty four hours! 

     It was a blast, despite the cold and wet. I had a great time.

These are a couple of production shots of the 'Cave Scene' we filmed in October


The film's poster with a link to the facebook page